Teaching mathematics for social justice: The challenges and the prospects in the Ghanaian senior high schools
Seth Amoako Atta 1 * , Ebenezer Bonyah 1
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1 Department of Mathematics, AAMUSTED, Kumasi, GHANA* Corresponding Author


The study aimed to explore the prospects and challenges of teaching mathematics for social justice at Ghanaian senior high schools (SHSs). A non-random sample of seven respondents, including two experienced mathematics educators and five SHS students, were interviewed and analyzed qualitatively using thematic analysis. The analysis revealed seven themes: individual differences, students’ mathematics interests, participatory lessons, extracurriculars, non-interactive teaching, technology use, and cultural diversity. These thematic findings are related to technical, practical, and emancipatory knowledge constituent interests in schools and Ghanaian social, cultural, and historical settings. A teacher should utilize egalitarian pedagogy so that the students will gain practical and emancipatory skills.


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Article Type: Research Article

Journal of Mathematics and Science Teacher, 2023, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: em033


Publication date: 15 Mar 2023

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