Experiences and mathematics anxiety of STEM students
Paul John B. Ongcoy 1 * , Diana Rose A. Jasmin 1 , Ibrahim P. Guiamal 1 , Shane S. Guinita 1 , Allen Mae M. Iligan 1
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1 University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, North Cotabato, PHILIPPINES* Corresponding Author


Mathematics anxiety is not a new topic in the field of education, but this construct held its significance in the field over time as it affects other constructs that also contribute to a quality mathematics education. The literature revealed that among senior high school students, mathematics anxiety was found to be prevalent. However, the literature lacked investigations with regards to the mathematics anxiety of this group of students and the factors that can affect it. To address the gap, this quantitative study examined the students’ experiences on teacher interactions, pedagogical practices and mathematical content and their significant relationship to the students’ level of mathematics anxiety. The respondents were 101 STEM students of Pikit National High School and the study used descriptive statistics as well as correlational analysis. The study revealed that STEM students experienced moderately positive teacher interactions, moderately student-centered teaching, moderately positive experiences on mathematical content, and obtained a moderate level of mathematics anxiety. It was further revealed that students’ experiences on teacher interactions and mathematical content have negative correlation with their level of mathematics anxiety and was found to be significant.


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Article Type: Research Article

Journal of Mathematics and Science Teacher, 2023, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: em028


Publication date: 24 Jan 2023

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